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About Us

In the heart of Europe a team of young internet enthusiasts came together to create a product that will give you a better way to earn money online. We've created a link shortener connected with advertising network so now you get paid when you shorten a link and make someone click on it. Easy way to earn extra money.

Meet the team

Maciej Banaszek
Code ninja

Larysa Bolkunevych
Account manager

Dawid Chomicz

Paweł Getka
Front-End Ninja

Paweł Głasek
Code ninja

Magdalena Jędraszak
Hispanic Market Manager

Ilona Kowalska-Sprada
Biz Dev & Marketing Manager

Rafał Malinowski
Senior Fraud Detection Manager

Kamil Markow
Code ninja

Marek Mazur
Code ninja

Grzegorz Rygielski
Code Ninja

Kornel Szwaja

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