5 bothering questions from shorte.st users

Today we will explain often asked questions from shorte.st support. Everything is need to be clear up, so I offer my help. Let’s started!

1. Q: “Where is my money ???”

A: A lot of our users have issues to recieve payment on time.

Payments are send on 10th every month. But if you still don’t recive your money that day probably one of solution from below list will help you.

    1. Check your shorte.st profile. You will get your earnings when your profile is fully complited.
    2. Minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer and $5 for WebMoney. So, check if you earn your minimum rate.
    3. If you chose Payoneer for your payment method, remember that this service send you invitation to connect account with shotre.st payoneer. It need to be accepted just before you will get money.
    4. If you chose Payoneer for your payment method, remember that payout is from $20
    5. If you chose WebMoney for your payment method, remember that on that service you can have delay with your payment up to 10 days.
    6. If you choose PayPal, for your payment method, remember that this service you need to have active account, also your account need to have possibility to receive payments. And the last one thing, sometimes you’ll need to accept notification about payment.

2. Q: “I can’t see all my statistics? Where I can check last month’s?”

A: It’s very simple. Let me guide you. Just log in to your shorte.st account, next go to top bar statistics-> general and here you’ll have all your shortest links and statistics about them.

Also please remember about selection of the month like on screen below.


3. Q: ”The numbers of views doesn’t coincide with the number of clicks on my links, therefore the income is lower than it should be. “

A: Please be aware that we have limit for shortest links, we monetize 5 links for every 24H from one IP address . So, if you are checking by yourself how much you have earned please be informed about that, you can exceed those limit.

4. Q: “My statistics record just got frozen all of a sudden. What’s going on?”

A: Probably you had a lot of vievs in one moment. Sometimes when there are a lot of views occurring at one moment, a virtual queue might appear, but all views are counted and updated a second later.

5. Q:” How can i use Referral link”

A: The rule is simple, if you want to be our affiliate, you have to share your referral link. You can publick it everywhere, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+,etc. Referral link is on the Referrals statistics page (https://shorte.st/statistics/referral). Everyone who registers with this link, will be your referral, and you will earn 20% of what they earn. There are no limits and this is a lifetime offer.


For more information please go to Shorte.st FAQ for Inquisitive Ninjas.

Also you can always look to our “How it works”or check “Guide”. But if you still need our help, you can contact our Support Department at any time. We are for your service!