How to increase earnings with

How to increase earnings with

We’ve decided to assist you a bit and describe in a nutshell the use of and benefits it can bring to your experience. Are you ready? Let’s get started then.

RSS means you can do it faster

At present, people very often use RSS readers to receive faster the content they’re interested in. The aim of RSS readers in a few words is to give RSS feed data to users.

Web surfers respect their time and don’t want to lose it by visiting each site they like separately. Having RSS reader enables them to get all desired content in one place.

Is RSS feed a must?

Bigger blogs and websites know that their audience’s needs should come first so they use RSS feed to deliver entries, news, videos, and satisfy the readers and followers. For example, RSS feed for Blog is here:

What’s got to do with it?

Once we have RSS feed and RSS reader, it doesn’t come as a surprise that having seen or read something you’re fond of you’d like to share it with friends on your social media channels.

Here’s where enters. Instead of posting about new entries from your favourite websites manually, will do it for you. Whereas will shorten the links on the way and make sure that your shares will be monetized and will increase your income.

How do I do that with


  • Go to and register. Do it as you wish, with Facebook, Twitter, or in a traditional way by providing your email address.
  • Find RSS feed address of the site whose content you wish to share (you can google it), and add it by clicking the “+ add” button. Adding a social account works the same way.

Please look at the printscreens below for guidance.

  • When you’re new to

Start feeding

Select a source feed


  • When you already have a account:


Source editor

Connect feed can be customised easily to adjust to your and your visitors’ needs. So, if you’ve added the RSS feed, set it up, and added a social account, you can now click the “save source” button in the bottom right corner of the window.

 Adding to and working together save a lot of your time and make you earn more money. You can customise your shares to Facebook, G+ or Twitter so that there’s only one share per day or even 10 shares every half an hour. The more you share, the more you earn, but remember to think about your friends and their patience if you choose to share big amounts of content.

  1. Login to your  account
  2. Go to Settings, and then, click Short links
  3. Choose Add shortener and tick the Third party shortener option
  4. Fill in the boxes with the following details:
    Shortener Name:

    Shortener Endpoint:

    and tick the two boxes: Apply this shortener to all existing routes and Default shortener for new routes

  5. Save the settings by clicking Save shortener example use

Happy delivering!