How to Benefit from Blogspot Comments and Earn Some Extra Money?

Responding to our users needs, we decided to explain you one of the ways to monetize your Blogger/Blogspot vistors.
Earning on short links can take different forms. One of them is monetization comments on Blogger/Blogspot.

How it looks like?

You surely noticed that a lot of people are pasting links in their comments under your blog posts.
This can be annoying when you realize that these are mostly spam links.
Blogspot reduce spam by removing or hidding links from comments and it’s ok.

But what if you could earn on those links?

Comment Monetizer will not let to hide or delete links from comments and – what’s more exciting – it will change them on links on which you will earn.

Important thing is that all links will look as earlier in your blog comments; the short form on the link will be generated automatically after clicking on it.

So, your visitors will see a destination link, not the one. An interstitial with an ad will be displayed after
leaving your blog.

How to install the comment monetizer on your blog?

  1. Go to ‘Tools’ and choose ‘Earn on Blogspot comments’
  2. Copy the script
  3. Go to your Blogger account and choose the blog you want to monetize
  4. Go to Templates and click ‘Edit HTML’
  5. Scroll down your template to the closing body tag and paste the script just above it
  6. Save the changes

If you wish to find out more about how to install the monetizer on your blog, please watch our brief video tutorial: