How to quickly find your short links in user panel?

Remember that day when you found on YouTube that super cute kitten video? They meowed in such a sweet way!

Damn! You lost it!? How to find the link? If you created hundreds of short links, you definitely know what is the taste of frustration.

However I promise you – it will not happen again.

Today I will show you how to easily find what you looking for in user panel.

First, go to the “Statistics” in your user panel:

Next, click “My short links” button (the middle column in the table):

and scroll down. You will see your last 100 short links:


What next? You would probably want to search your chosen link. It’s simple. Just paste the ending of the short link in the box above the table with links and press “search” button. That’s all :)



If you are wondering what the dropdowns on the right above the table do, please read on.

In first dropdown you can change “Active links” to “Deleted links”. And dependly of your choice  you will see your deleted or active links. Remember, you can always restore your deleted link.



The second dropdown shows you the month and year. By using it you can search for links you once created. For example, choosing Sep 2015 will show you 100 links you created in September 2015.



Congrats, you have already completed your links management course ;)