Too many ads is a big website-killer? Know the best way to get high income and keep your visitors happy!

Want to monetize your website but you’re afraid of visitors bad experience? Know the best way to get high income and keep your visitors happy!

Why Ads on Website Are Needed

Each website owner needs to get income in order to maintain their site. It’s not only for paying costs of the domain and server fees, it’s also about maintaining the motivation to continue updating the content on the site.

A lot of people forget about it, but each of you bloggers and webmasters, put a lot of hard work to keep the information on your site up to date. Hours you spend on looking for and/or creating good quality content take a lot of energy. If one does some job for free, without any kind of benefit for themselves, they will burn out really fast and the site will simply disappear. As a website owner you probably know that keeping your motivation on a high level is really important to be successful. This is why you need to look after your income and ads are one of the best ways to do it.

Running your site or blog takes a lot of effort and you have every right to advertise on it in order to make a profit. At the same time, you will probably care about your visitors: you will want to make them happy and satisfied while navigating on your site.

What is a user experience on a site full of ads

Adding too many ads can annoy and confuse your visitors. It can also be seen as disrespectful. A lot of users won’t come back to your site because of this negative experience. If many readers get annoyed with ads on your site, they will move to a better site in your niche and you’ll lose your traffic.

Besides, you have to remember that most of your users will be probably interested in only few of the whole bunch of ads you serve them, so even if you decide to put a lot of ads on your website, it won’t help you to earn more money. This practice can even decrease your income because of weak conversion of ads: the more ads you have, the less effectiveness they have (and you get less money).

Too many ads is a big website-killer? Know the best way to get high income and keep your visitors happy!

Making well-paid-intrusive-ads less intrusive

There is a lot of types of ads: banners, textlinks, video ads, pop-ups, pop-unders and many, many more. Some of them are less intrusive, but the thing is, those most intrusive can bring you the most profit. And this is where the problem begins: you want to keep visitors happy, but at the same time, you want to get high income while running your site.

A lot of webmasters say that the biggest no-no are pop-ups and pop-unders. It’s true, the reputation of this display isn’t good. Users get annoyed by not knowing where the ad came from and what to do to get back to the destination page.

You don’t have to decide for it. Let us explain how our interstitial works, so you can use it in order to earn money and keep your visitors happy.

Interstitial Site to the Rescue

No matter how great your content is, users won’t come back if you make navigating on the site impossible. On the other hand, more intrusive ads can get you more profit. Let us explain you why our interstitial page is best to use to keep the balance between the income and users’ satisfaction.

First of all, this kind of display lets you get more income than any other kind of ad. You get paid every time a user sees an ad, while with other displays  i.e. banners usually you have to wait for a user to take an action to get paid. With an interstitial page you get paid for each impression, this is why you can earn more money in less time. It means you get money for the effort you’ve take to create the content more quickly.

Secondly, interstitial doesn’t mess with the design of your site or blog. You can keep it clean and orderly. You don’t distract a user from the content they came for. Thanks to the easy-to-navigate site, users find the information they were looking for without any problems. With the interstitial your site or blog stays untouched.

Moreover, if you use the interstitial, the user sees the ad but, at the same time they get instruction what to do to continue. Commands “Please wait” and “Continue” on the sidebar keep your visitors informed about what is happening, so they feel safe and cared for.

Interstitial Page Example

On the other hand, you can think of this much intrusive ad as a really high-risk solution and you can be worried about the traffic on your site. But remember, if you don’t overdo ads, users will adopt the solution really quickly. Just stick to this rule and you’ll be fine.

If you still have second thoughts about trying it, read carefully the next paragraph. We will give you some advice on how to work with the interstitial without risk.

Interstitial – Why is it safe? Best way to get high income and keep your visitors happy!

Ok, so you’ve decided to earn good money but of course you still care about your site visitors’ good experience. It’s possible to connect these two goals! In this paragraph we will show you how you can improve your site visitors’ experience while using our interstitial ad:


If you work with one of our scripts, you can use the capping option. What is capping? It is the best way to prevent your visitors from seeing too many ads! You can decide by yourself how many ads you want to show to your visitor by limiting the number of impressions in a given time. This option is even more important if you’re using the entry script.

As you probably know, we pay for 5 views from a single IP within 24 hours. That is why, in each script option the capping is set to 5/24 by default, but you still have possibility to change it.

Example: you earn money using Full Script to monetize all external links on your site, but you want to implement the “Entry script” option too. You’ve decided to show your visitors just one ad on entry every 12 hours.

See how to change the entry script capping on generated script:

Custom Interstitial Site

If you care a lot about your site design, you can ask for the individual interstitial page. We’re willing to resign from logo and colors on the interstitial page bar for you! All you need to do is send us an email with your site address and logo to [email protected] Our crew will prepare an individual interstitial page especially for your site! Overlay Ad

For partners whose blog or site design is minimal we have prepared something special… Overlay Ad! It’s really simple, clear and even easier to navigate and user-friendly! It’s really popular, even Forbes uses it now! If you’d like to try our Overlay Ad Page, drop us a line at [email protected]

As you can see, you don’t have to lose an opportunity of earning better money on your site. Use the capping option, try our individual Interstitial Page or even Overlay Ad so that your visitors won’t get annoyed. It doesn’t take much time and you can resign at any moment! Try out one of our solutions and observe good results!