New Statistics Arrived

Having in mind your precious feedback collected over a long period of time, we went through a process of selection to give you the most desired values of statistics.

Therefore, at present, you are able to monitor revenue generated by your links, scripts and referrals separately or get the overall result including Income and Views.



If you hover over the graph, more details will be displayed. Remember you can also use drop-down menus both on your left and right looking for specific data.

Numbers website owners will enjoy

As a website owner, you will probably be more interested in how well each of your scripts is doing. In new statistics, there is a division between Entry, Link and Exit revenues, so that you know which module performs best.


You can easily switch between months using the drop-down menu on the right, just over the table with data. links

Once you have shortened links manually using the shortening bar at the top of the page or Mass Shrinker, you will see them below the Short Links graph.




Last, but not least in statistics are Referrals. When you refer someone to, you will see their ID on the list under the graph. If in a chosen month you get a new referral, you will see this both in the table, next to Income, and on the graph.



Feedback is gold

We hope you will find New Statistics beneficial in your daily analysis. Also, feel welcome to send us your feedback at [email protected] if anything is unclear or missing from the BETA version. This will help us fix the issues and provide service well-suited for your needs.